Thursday October 17th

9:00-9:30: Registration

9:30-9:45: Welcome (Marta Rosales, João Sardinha, Inês David, Kate Torkington)

9:45-10:45: Keynote address    Dr. Michaela Benson 

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Michaela Benson is a Lecturer in Sociology at Goldsmiths University, UK. She is a key figure in the field of lifestyle migration research, co-author of the paper Migration and the Search for a Better Way of Life, co-editor of the volume Lifestyle Migration and is the author of The British in Rural France (shortlisted for the Philip Abrams Memorial Prize 2012). She has conduced ethnographic research with two lifestyle migrant populations – in France and Panama – and has worked on theoretical and conceptual framings of lifestyle migration.


11:00-13:00 Panel 1: Lifestyle migration in rural contexts

S. Gaspar – Types and patterns of lifestyle rural migrants across Europe

M. Eimermann – Ambivalent Dutch lifestyle migrants in rural Sweden

F. Velez de Castro – Good life practices/practising a good life in an immigration context. A hedonistic foreigner’s perspective of a Portuguese rural area

J. Sardinha – ‘From the silence to the sights to the sipping’: Lifestyle migrants in Central Portugal

13:00-14:30: Lunch

14:30-16:30 Panel 2: Community, belonging and identity in lifestyle mobilities

M. Korpela – Western lifestyle migrant children defining home and belonging in Goa, India.

A. Ahmed – Retired British women living in the Costa Blanca: Constructing ethnicity, belonging and community

C. Almeida – Resident Tourists and the São Brás Museum: Becoming part of the “community”

M. Hayes – Practices of racialized identity in the context of residential migration to Cuenca, Ecuador


16:45-18:45 Panel 3: Spatial dynamics in lifestyle mobilities 

M. Allegra – “We were looking for a quiet, nice place to live” (on a  geopolitical fault line).The suburbanization of Israel’s settlement policy in the area of metropolitan Jerusalem

L. Wagner – Cars from ‘outside’: Embodied mobile materialities of summertime diasporic visitors in Morocco

D. Zuev – Self-transformation through Work and Travel in USA: Civilizing and decivilizing consequences

Friday October 18th

9:00-11:00 – Panel 4: Ageing and lifestyle mobilities 

M. Ormond – Resorting to Plan J: Singaporean retirement communities and nursing homes in Johor, Malaysia

D. Sampaio – Ageing as an international retirement migrant in the Algarve: (re)negotiating an active later-life abroad

S. Kordel – Being a tourist – being at home: reconstructing tourist experiences and negotiating home in retirement migrants’ daily lives

C. Betty & K. Hall – The experiences of older British people in Spain who return to the UK


11:15-12:45 – Panel 5: Mediation of lifestyle mobilities

R. Norum, C. McHugh & M. Clark-Barol – ‘You’ve been serv’d’: Listserv rhetoric in the spaces of Expatria

I. David – Mediating lifestyle migration – a radio-graphic approach

M. LawsonThe more wine you drink, the better the French sounds: Representations of the good life within an online community of practice

12:45-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 – Panel 6: Language practices in lifestyle migration

F. Perdigão Ribeiro – Lifestyle migrants in the Algarve (Portugal): a multilingual challenge?

K. Torkington – ‘The only Portuguese people I know speak English’: lifestyle migrants, local language practices and ambivalent belongings

A. Etrillard – Towards a critical and ethnographic approach to language practices in lifestyle migrations


15:45-17:45 – Panel 7: New conceptual approaches to the field  

G. Halseth – Opportunities and challenges: An introduction to second-home issues in British Columbia’s northern resource frontier

M. Hühn – Travelling for Amenities. A discourse on a new type of mobile people within Europe beyond tourism and migration

H. Zunino & I. Zebryte – Pursuing the essence of existence: The daily quest of utopian migrants in Patagonia

U. Akerlund –  Aspiring for ‘the best of both worlds’: understanding the production and performance aspects of lifestyle mobilities.

17:45-18:30 – Closing session


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